Period Poverty | Girls Helping Girls. Period.

An estimated 13 million people in the United States menstruate while living in poverty1. People all over the country miss school and work because they cannot afford period products. These essential items are not covered by benefit programs, and many must make difficult tradeoffs each month. Lacking adequate resources to manage your period can result in missed school or work, health issues, embarrassment, and shame.

Since 2017, we have partnered with Girls Helping Girls. Period. by providing both product and monetary donations to help fight period poverty. To date, we have donated over one million tampons, pads, and liners across our feminine care brands (Playtex®, Carefree®, Stayfree®, o.b.®) and $100,000 to support Girls Helping Girls. Period.

Girls Helping Girls. Period. is dedicated to educating people about the need for menstrual products, collecting and distributing menstrual products and advocating for systemic change. They supply products to food pantries, social service agencies, and community groups, as well as offer workshops and consulting on affordable menstrual management solutions to individuals, schools, and companies.

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